Dr. Caroline Stratz speaking about her message to patients

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My Message

Dear Patients,

In 2000, I started my own private practice, and from the beginning, I recognized the importance of a personalized approach in caring for my patients. I have always felt that the best healthcare extends far beyond seeing patients in the office only when they are ill. I believe that having the time to gain a deeper understanding of your life circumstances; listening, thinking and talking are all important aspects of my care for you.

In my personalized care practice I have more time to deliver compassionate, high-quality medical care – uniquely focused and personalized to each individual patient. I am available when you need me, in order to advocate on your behalf and to help keep you out of urgent care clinics and emergency rooms. Finally, my practice allows me to provide proactive wellness as well as medical advice. So not only will I see you when you are ill, but I will also help you stay healthy.

There is nothing more important to me than the ability to thoroughly address your health and wellness needs and serve as your healthcare advocate. I would consider it a great privilege to care for you in a way that enhances the bond I value most – the physician-patient relationship.

Caroline K. Stratz, MD